About Us

We understand the immense stress involved when your pet is lost or stolen. Valuable time is taken up searching and visiting local shelters, vets etc. The last thing you want to be doing is sitting on your computer for hours checking all the found listings and trying to advertise lost ads.

At Critter Cops, we are experts in getting your lost pet noticed. Forget lost pet listings on Facebook pages that might get you a couple of likes and shares, let's make them famous! Our advertising experts are the best in their field at creating lost pet campaigns that are seen by thousands in your area.


But this is not all we do! We also have a team of 130 online searchers ready to scour each corner of the internet looking for found listings matching your pet at a moments notice. If you would like to make your lost pet's photo famous or need help searching found listings, click here to read about our world class lost pet services.

Critter Cops are not just your average lost pet service, over time we have become known as catalysts for creating one of the largest groups of stolen pet advocates in the world. This cause is near and dear to our hearts and we will continue to utilize our advocates in every area of the globe to host as many events as possible to create awareness of how to prevent pet theft. If your dog, cat or any other critter was stolen, take advantage of our expert knowledge in how to help pet theft victims by reading about our world class stolen pet service here.