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Do I get a discount for buying both options?
We currently have no package deals available

Can I buy both options in one transaction?
They are separate services run by different departments and therefore require an individual transaction for each option

My photo will not upload onto the form- it is saying the file is too large?
No problems, just fill in the rest of the details on the form, click submit without a photo and email us the photo to with your name and number as a reference

I did not receive a confirmation email?
You should always receive a confirmation email from Critter Cops. Please check your spam folder.

How do I know what option to choose?
Option one is the best choice for pet owners with these circumstances..
*Limited time to search found listings online
*Limited knowledge of where online found listings are located in your area
*Pets that have been missing for longer periods making it more likely that a found listing may have been missed

Option two is the best choice for pet owners with these circumstances..
*Not many or no reported sightings, or sightings have ceased
*There is a possibility the pet is being kept by someone
*Those wishing to canvass a large area fast

Do I need to tell you if I find my pet?
If you have purchased a Critter Cops service, we do ask that you contact us if your pet is found. This will allow us to notify the online community your ads create to cease looking, as well as allow us to move our staff onto other pets needing our help.

Under what circumstances may I receive a refund?
Critter Cops does provide refunds in some circumstances. Some examples include;

If we have made an error when configuring your advertisements for option 2 resulting in your ads being shown to the incorrect postal/zip code.
If your pet is found before the advertisements have started to run for option 2.
If you contact us within 1 hour of purchase to advise your pet was found. Refunds are not provided if your pet is found at any other stage after purchase.

If we ''miss a match''. This means that if  you have purchased Option 1 and someone posts a match to your lost pet online and our team does not send it to you within 24 hours of the posting, we will issue a full refund. Please note a link to said match must be provided. Posts to private groups are not included.


Refunds are not provided for circumstances out of our control, such as the amount of matches or leads you receive. The amount will depend on how many matches to your pet are posted (Option 1) and/or how many people respond to the advertising (Option 2).

Refunds are not provided if we do not facilitate a reunion.

Can you help me if my pet has been missing a long time?
Yes, either option can still prove successful for the long term missing.

Does my pet have to be microchipped for you to help me?
No, but once your pet is found we highly recommend undertaking microchipping with your local vet

Do you have a pet detective service?
No. Critter Cops does not provide private investigation services or search and rescue services. We are an online company only.

I would like to be a CCC, how do I do that?
Great, simply click here and fill in the form 

I would like a CCC to contact me, how can I do that?
Critter Cops Companions are only available in certain areas, we will advise you if one is available in your area but we cannot guarantee availability

I would like to join the Critter Cops Crusade group of advocates, how can I do that?
You can join us here

I don't think my pet is lost, I think someone may be keeping them, what can I do?
Option 2 could help with this scenario, being that we often can touch people living close to the person keeping the pet, who then report a sighting

What can I do to increase my chances of success?
Click here for some tips


I have paid what happens now?
Your description and details will automatically be sent to the online search team who will start searches immediately.
They will send any potential matches to the email you have provided.

How do I know you are searching?
Because we will be sending you possible matches. If we do not send any matches through, we are confident there are none to find. If we are mistaken, we welcome you to send the listing we have missed and we will forward this to the Online Search Team Manager for investigation.

How will you contact me if you find a possible match?
We will contact you on the email address you have provided, with a link to the found listing.

How long will you search for?
There is no expiry date on our searches however the search team focus the majority of their efforts to your search within the first week. However legacy listings are revisited all the time when the team has free time. This is in their best interests as they can earn more bonuses.

I have not received any matches, why?
If we do not send any matches through, we are confident there are none to find. If we are mistaken, we welcome you to send the listing we have missed and we will forward this to the Online Search Team Manager for investigation.


I have paid what happens now?
Unlike Option 1, this is not an automatic process. A staff member will be configuring your advertising campaign and will need to wait for Facebook to approve the ads before it will go live. You will not receive a second confirmation email when this occurs, as you can verify when the ad is live by watching for the post to appear on our Facebook page. Or simply click here to confirm
Can you go further than 10 miles?
We can, however it will not increase the number of people that see the ads, just the area we market to.

How do I know you are running ads?
You can click here to verify via Facebook

Does every single person within the 10 miles see the advertisement?
No. Your ad will not be seen by every single person that lives within the radius, but we guarantee it will be seen by thousands.

I can see people outside of the 10 mile area liking and sharing my post, are you advertising to the correct area?
Yes. The power of Facebook allows for a huge domino effect. Meaning that as people in your area share the ad, friends on their page (who may be outside the radius) also start sharing. 

How many people will see my ads?
This differs for each campaign depending on the population density of the radius. Our average views is 4,000 with our lowest recorded being 2,000 and highest 90,000.

How long does it take for my ads to go live?
Ads will normally always be live within 2 to 3 hours.

Can I make changes to my ads after they have started to run?
You may be able to make certain changes to text however not the photo, so please make sure you send one you are happy with. Text can normally be changed at any stage but will require approval from Facebook again so it will not be instant. If you have additional info, we suggest adding a comment under the post, which is also the live ad.

I had text over my photo that is not in the photo used in the ads, why?
Facebook does not favor photos with text over the top, as it reduces the number of views dramatically. Unfortunately the human eye is lazy and will be more likely to skip over ads with lots of text over a photo and will quite often be declined from Facebook approval anyway. To avoid this, we crop text out and add the deleted text to the main body of the post, so no information is lost.

What happens after 14 days?
You will receive an email with the results of your campaign, along with a renewal option.

I paid for option 2 but I have not seen my ad come up on my Facebook page, why?
You may not see the ad as it does not appear to every person within the radius.


How do I know if my pet was lost or stolen?
Unless you have witnessed the theft, there may be no way to be entirely sure. There are however some indicators that can make theft more likely.
For example;
If you own a pure bred or a rare and expensive breed
If your pet is still able to breed
If your pet is young
If you own one of the following dog breeds
Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Labradoodle, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian or Yorkshire Terrier

How is your stolen pet service different from your other services?
The Critter Cops Crusade is designed put pressure on the thieves to release the dog due to too much exposure. In addition, our team specifically looks for pets being sold, rather than the normal found listings. The anonymous tip option is also a vital difference, as members of the public are far less likely to want to get involved if they are potentially incriminating someone


Do you provide help to recover a stolen pet after it has been located?
No. After the location of your pet has been discovered, you will need to take necessary steps through local authorities for retrieval, which can differ in each country.


I need to make changes to my pet's website, how can I do this?
Sure, you can fill out the contact form on our website with the change details or simply email us at