The Critter Cops Crusades

Stolen Pet Service

Critter Cops helps break theft ring

and save Muffy

the Yorkie 

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We offer this service in the following Countries;

USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand.


With a huge underground market for stolen pets growing dramatically each year, Critter Cops are not afraid to get down and dirty and fight the problem head on.


At least 10% of all lost pets are stolen and as a worldwide company, we feel an obligation to be catalysts for reducing this figure.


So how are we doing this? Firstly, by creating the biggest community in the world of stolen pet advocates, joining together to educate the public on this problem and what can be done. Join our community of advocates here.


Secondly, with a unique product (Critter Cop Crusades), specifically designed for stolen pets, that we believe with enough people using it, will shake the underground pet dealing market to the core. 

Most lost pets get reported to local police but this we assure you will not be their first priority. When you order a Critter Cops Crusade, 3 Critter Cops will be assigned to your case immediately.


The first assigned Critter Cop will spend the next 14 days scouring as many websites as possible searching pets for sale, notifying you immediately of any possible matches.This will be done nationwide due to many pets being sold interstate to avoid detection.

The second Critter Cop will configure an advert that will appear on the private Facebook walls of residents living within a huge 100 miles of your pets last known location. Again, this is because stolen pets are rarely resold close by. This will also run for 14 days.

The third Critter Cop will create a website dedicated to your stolen pet. Anyone with information or sightings can report it via your pets website and can choose to remain anonymous if they so wish. You will also be provided with the website address and can promote it on your posters or anywhere you want. The site will remain live as long as you need it.

So what are you waiting for? Join the crusade and leave those criminals no where left to hide!